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Head-Academics Message

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Head Academics

It is the supreme art of a teacher to awaken the joy of creative expression and knowledge in students because children play and learn and learn as they play. The vision of SR International School & Sports Academy is to inculcate in students variety of skills and intellectual acumen to become global citizens in the near future.

The environment at SRISA is of an academic sport oriented place for learning. It is necessary to mention the importance of academics because they are strongly linked to the positive outcomes we value. The curriculum is in blend with international standards infused with core values that put together the world as one single family.

The multi dimensional academic programme works towards freeing students from conventional boundaries of education and allowing them to explore deeply through use of creative aspects in all subjects and activities. The curriculum is a collection of study habits, learning strategies, time management tools, role plays, assignments, projects, creative enhancement, and competitive sports to name a few. It is woven into the fabric of teaching to help students learn with a practical approach that ascertain in them characteristics that make them unique as well as equip the teachers to identify the kind of learner.

At SRISA we envisage success as an important modern perspective where our society needs people to tackle the technologically demanding occupations of the future. Ample opportunities for all round development is provided which help in tapping signature strengths that best fit them to be successful with a no quit attitude.

The goal of being successful not only at school but in life is of utmost concern for us because a student can qualify by earning degrees and still not find his place in life. The teaching process is set up aiding learners to face life by allowing opportunities for the mixed bag. We give a lot of emphasis on life skills in order to inculcate positive traits that equip a child to sail through life by overcoming challenges along the path.

It is our belief that God has blessed each of us with some unique qualities and here we help every child to tap and develop that uniqueness in him, to help him happily sail through life because life is a journey and not a destination.

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