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As students approach adolescence, they reach their path to maturity and experience a growing sense of responsibility and independence. Our Middle School Programme is structured to meet the developmental and intellectual needs of these young adolescents. The school will work closely with parents to help students come to terms with all the joys and pains of these growing years. In the middle school, the curriculum includes annual projects; Dimensions of Learning (DOL) study techniques and programme to develop strong communication skills through debates, elocution, extempore speaking and drama (DEED).
The rigorous curriculum focuses on assisting students to become intrinsically motivated and actively engaged in their learning and preparing them to cultivate an ability to think for themselves that will serve them well in high school and beyond. Guidance and support through the transitional adolescent years will be provided through an innovative, formalized mentoring programme. The school will have full-time counselors overseeing the emotional needs of children through individual case work, group sessions, workshops, family counseling, referrals and networking with professionals.

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Academic programs include English, Hindi/French/ Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, History, Civics and Geography. Additionally, Art, Drama, Music, Dance, Computer studies, and Yoga are interwoven into the curriculum. The Programme aims to develop skills related to writing, critical thinking, public speaking, creative problem solving, reading, and reflecting into students and will encourage them to look inward while also explore the outer world in depth. Field trips, long nature walks and excursions will aid in developing such skills and in raising awareness about the world.
Physical Education will be offered in a more formal manner and sports skills will be fine-tuned. This will develop students’ competence and confidence to take part in a wide range of physical activities that become a central part of their lives and will prepare them to pursue sports in a more purposeful manner. To encourage healthy competition and team spirit, we will encourage students to participate in inter-house cultural and sports competitions and contribute actively to class assemblies. Community service will be offered through School initiated programmes and partnerships with NGOs.
At SRISA, the curriculum starts with an emphasis on learning simple facts and gradually moves to detailed understanding of concepts, through interpretation, reflection, observation, and evaluation as students progress to senior classes.

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