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The Primary School is an exciting step for our young learners as it will provide them the foundation upon which their talents might grow. The curriculum drafted for the primary school combines creative and thematic learning units that build on the spirit of exploration and will encourage children to engage their imaginations. Through extensive project work and the thematic units, emphasis is placed on developing international mindedness and students will be given an awareness of the richness of diverse peoples’ history and culture
The curriculum progresses from skills to experiential learning to building knowledge and will assist in developing children's competence in various skills - reading, writing, listening, speaking, problem-solving, observation, measurement and use of information and communications technology.

While the programme offers an inter-disciplinary appreciation of Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Languages, and Technology, it will also give equal importance to the creative side of students through music, dance, yoga, drama and art education. The sports programme aims to develop sports skills and create health awareness by providing ample opportunities for children. The emphasis of the curriculum is on the understanding and learning of new concepts every day and the wide range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities it enlists will help in instilling values of teamwork, cooperation, confidence, and discipline in children at an early age.
Learning through experimentation, inference, observation, and analysis is essential for students to be able to connect theories and knowledge gathered in the classroom to real-work scenarios. To provide such experiential learning opportunities, we will encourage students to participate in active learning techniques like cooking, puppetry, and dramatization. Field trips, nature walks, presentations, and community service activities are also well-included in the curriculum.

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